Pesticide Screening Services

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Testing Services

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Course Offerings

Other services include grow room consultation and patient-caregiver matching.
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Our Equipment & Methods

Cannalytics is Michigan's original HPLC testing lab. HPLC, or high-performance liquid chromatography, is unique in that all samples are analyzed at room temperature, without the use of heat, allowing us to quantify the cannabinoids in their natural form.

Many people are unaware that the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant are actually acidic percursors of the compounds that bind to the cannabinoid receptors and must be heated in order to become active, a process known as decarboxylation.

Our validated HPLC method is able to generate a cannabinoid profile that accurately quantifies the levels of several primary active compounds present in medical cannabis, including:

Quantification of CBC, CBG and Δ8-THC are also avialable by special request.

All samples are inspected microscopically for the presence of molds, pests, and other foreign material.

Other types of analysis, such as microbiological contaminant and pesticide residue screening, will be offered in the near future as we continue to build our network of those passionately concerned about the quality of Michigan medical cannabis.